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My name is Natalya Vasquez and I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and wellness coach. I love fitness just as much as I love freshly baked bread, and I believe in a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. I would never recommend or create a plan for a client that I would never prescribe to myself. I believe that balance and sustainability are the ways to achieve overall (everlasting) wellness, and I'm here to coach you through it. If you're looking for an extreme approach to weight loss, you won't find it here. Sensible, sustainable, and flexible are my "secrets" to my clients' success. 


Personal Training (month-to-month) - $375* 

  • 5 (five) 50 minute sessions

  • Sessions start at the beginning of a month and end at the end of the month (e.g. every Thursday at 4PM).

TERMS: Rescheduling is not permitted with this option. Failure to show to a scheduled session will result in session being forfeited. All services are provided on a non-refundable.​ 

*When month has five weeks, price is $375. Add a partner or friend to in-person workouts for $120 for 4 sessions or $150 for 5 sessions.


Personal Training VIP - $750

Customized personal training sessions designed to help you meet your goals.

  • 6 week package*

  • Weekly personal training session (50 minutes)

  • Nutrition education

  • Customized home workouts that reflect your goals and fitness level


  • Add customized macro recommendation - $300/package


​TERMS: Client is permitted 1 (one) rescheduled session with a 24 hour notice. Any missed sessions as previously agreed upon between client and trainer will be forfeited. All services are provided on a non-refundable basis.


Nutrition Audit - $125

Can't figure out what you're doing wrong with your meals? Not sure how to eat to get your desired results? The nutrition audit is a one-time service that helps to identify areas of improvement so that you reach your goals faster.

​TERMS: All services are provided on a non-refundable basis.

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