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My name is Natalya Vasquez and I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and wellness coach. I love fitness just as much as I love freshly baked bread, and I believe in a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. I would never recommend or create a plan for a client that I would never prescribe to myself. I believe that balance and sustainability are the ways to achieve overall (everlasting) wellness, and I'm here to coach you through it. If you're looking for an extreme approach to weight loss, you won't find it here. Sensible, sustainable, and flexible are my "secrets" to my clients' success. 

Bridal Bootcamp Transformation

You hire a dozen vendors for your big day to help set the stage for your wedding, so why not hire a fitness professional to help you look and feel your best for your wedding day? Planning a wedding can be stressful, but your wellness plan doesn't have to be. Let me take the guess work out of an effective fitness and nutrition plan that doesn't deprive you of the foods you love while getting you in optimal shape for your wedding.

  • 12 week package

  • Weekly personal training session (50 minutes)

  • Customized home workouts that reflect your goals and current fitness level

  • Email and text support

  • Nutrition education and guidance

  • Customized macro/calorie recommendations



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