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You hire a dozen vendors for your big day to help set the stage for your wedding, so why not hire a professional to help you feel and look your best?

Look, I get it. With all of these wedding costs, why not just continue using a fitness app or taking classes to save money? But let's be honest, are you getting the results and support you want?

No more wondering about why you're not reaching your goals. I'll guide you every step of the way, help keep you accountable, and provide you with all of the support those apps and fitness classes are missing.

You're spending thousands of dollars on photography, your dress, and a videographer, don't you want to feel your best without going on an extreme diet two weeks before the wedding?

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but your wellness plan doesn't have to be. Let me take the guess work out of an effective fitness and nutrition plan that doesn't deprive you of the foods you love while getting you in optimal shape for your wedding.

Consider me your fitness wedding planner. I'll be there to help you navigate all the weight loss nuances that have prevented you from reaching your weight loss goals.

We'll work closely together to create a customized plan specific to your goals. 

Personal Training

Weekly 50 minute personal training sessions (in person or virtual).

Customized Workouts

Weekly customized workouts for your specific goals.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition recommendations and guidance. 

Text Support

Have a question? Text me. No need to wait until your next session to go over any questions.

Read my interviews with Women's Health Magazine, Forbes and more here​.
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