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My name is Natalya Vasquez and I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and wellness coach. I love fitness just as much as I love freshly baked bread, and I believe in a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. I would never recommend or create a plan for a client that I would never prescribe to myself. I believe that balance and sustainability are the ways to achieve overall (everlasting) wellness, and I'm here to coach you through it. If you're looking for an extreme approach to weight loss, you won't find it here. Sensible, sustainable, and flexible are my "secrets" to my clients' success. 





Free Consultation

‪Let's figure out if we're a good fit to work together! 

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Coaching Packages

Option 1:

Virtual Personal Training- $199 (6 weeks)

Six 30 minute customized personal training sessions. Includes customized weekly workout recommendations for your goals.

If you're low on time and need a quick, challenging, and effective workout without leaving your house, this option is for you. 6 week program, one session per week.

Option 2:

Personal Training* - $295 (6 weeks)

Six 45 minute personal training sessions. 

Add a family member/spouse to personal training session for +$22 session. 6 week program, one session per week.


Option 3:

Nutrition Kickstart - $329 (4 months)

Ready for a flexible approach to weightloss? Tired of eliminating foods and heavily restricting? Prone to binge eating?


This package includes weekly Zoom coaching calls, nutrition education, customized macros, and informational guides. 16 week package personalized to meet YOUR unique goals.


Option 4:

Macro Coaching and Personal Training - $419 (6 weeks) 

Macro coaching and six (45) minute personal training sessions. If you're fully committed to make an incredible change to your mind and body in six weeks, this option is for you.

Add a family member/spouse to personal training session for +$22 session)

*All 6 session personal training packages must be used within two months of purchase date. For virtual personal training inquiries, please email BridalBootcampSanDiego@gmail.com.


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