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Now that I’ve got your attention, here they are:

  1. There are none

  2. Eat in a calorie deficit

  3. Build muscle

There are no magic pills or foods.

I know that you want to believe that there are. Probably as much you want to believe you have the winning lotto ticket. It’s a lovely thought, so I truly get it.

But it’s marketing. 🪄

It’s going to a bar when you’re lonely and had one too many, and waking up with someone you thought looked completely different the night before. (Calm down mom, this is an anecdotal comparison.)

If you want to lose body fat, you’re going to need to create a calorie deficit and build muscle.

No tricks. No pony shows. Save the magic for Vegas.

We both know that after you buy the diet book, sign up for the quick fat loss program, and spend $100 on moss (or is it seaweed now?), we’ll be having the same conversation again.

Why not save time and money and do it right?

Fat loss doesn’t happen overnight (that’s water weight friends).

Commit to small changes and a year from now you won’t recognize yourself.

Commit to inconsistency and jumping from one diet fad to another, and you’ll be in the same place next year.

Choose wisely.


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