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30 Day Bridal Bootcamp Workout Calendar

If you're working on getting in shape for your wedding, you're probably trying to figure out which form of exercise is best.

If you're like most of my clients, you probably have a long history of cardio and HIIT exercising and might feel intimiated by resistance training. While you may think that the best form of bridal bootcamp is a ton of's actually not.

The first big step to changing your body composition (less body fat, more muscle > higher metabolism and tighter body) is committing to doing more resistance training and less cardio. With good programming, resistance training will help you lose body fat and put on lean muscle.

If you want sculpted shoulders, firm arms, a sexy back, smaller waist, and rounded glutes for your wedding, strength training is a must. Resistance training can seem frightening if you've never been guided through the exercises, and that's why I've created a 30 day calendar to help you get started.

If you're not working with a trainer, then try this 30 day calendar to plan your resistance training workout. This calendar ensures that you're targeting all of the major muscle groups while still allowing your body to rest and recover.

30 day bridal bootcamp workout calendar
30 day bridal bootcamp workout calendar


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