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New year’s week is a period in which many individuals set new resolutions.

If however you already see yourself sailing away from that lofty resolution you made, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your goals.

When you set your resolution, was it realistic? Are you going from zero to one hundred in sixty seconds? If you are, you might quit on your resolution before you get close.

So how do you succeed with goal setting? Determine long-term and short-term goals, write them down, and then check-in with your milestones and goals. By setting up check-in and milestone markers, you’re more likely to succeed.

If your goal is fat loss, take your goal for the year and break it up into smaller goals. For example, if you want to lose thirty pounds this year (consider this the long-term goal), break that up into months. Losing 2.5 pounds per month (short term goal) is realistic if you’re carrying excess fat.

If your goal is related to nutrition (hitting certain macros, fiber, water, etc.), write it down and then check-in daily. After a couple of days, compare your daily tracking to your goals and determine whether you need to reevaluate your goals.

If you’re not meeting your goals, ask yourself why. Just because a goal is realistic, doesn’t mean that it was realistic for your lifestyle. Determine whether you need to modify behavior or change the goal. Every day/week may not be perfect, but consistency will help you reach your goals. Just keep going.


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