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But do you even workout?

Have you ever had someone sound surprised when you told them that you exercised regularly? I remember putting in at least an hour every day at the gym and being asked, “Oh, you work out?” What a blow to the ego! So what you’re telling me is that here I am, spending a big chunk of time in a smelly gym and dodging awkward conversations with the regulars to essentially show nothing for it.

Sure, exercise is also for cardiovascular health, stamina, endurance, and strength. But let’s be real, if you’re putting hours into anything, you want something to show for it.

It’s like working on a huge project at work and not getting recognition for it. Or spending hours in the kitchen cooking up a feast and hearing your partner say, “yeah it was okay.”

This is going to sound vain, but let’s be real, I didn’t just want to workout. I wanted to look like I worked out. Big difference.

So what happened? I stopped spending most of my time doing cardio and started lifting weights. Eventually I dropped elliptical machines and running altogether and just focused on resistance training and walking.

I don’t remember how long it took to start seeing changes in my body, but when the shoulders and triceps started to pop instead of jiggle, I knew I moved in the right direction with exercise. With strength training, I not only look stronger (who doesn’t want double takes on their arms?), but I am so much stronger than I was just focusing on cardio.

If you’re a San Diego resident, you know how big our zoo is. Now imagine doing a farmer (or sandbag) carry with a 30 lb wiggly toddler for 1-2 hours. Not only do I look strong, I am strong!

I went into strength training for vanity but am now so much more confident than I ever was running on the treadmill like a hamster, and I’m exercising a lot less. I see this with my clients as well.

Most of my clients are former cardio bunnies like I was. They walk in attempting a push-up from their knees, saying “I can’t do this” and months later are so incredibly proud of the dozen they can push-out from their feet. Every time I direct them to use heavier weights, they feel like it’s a badge of honor. Building strength builds confidence. I’ve never heard a client say, “I hate feeling strong and having muscle” and none of them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If it wasn’t for my own cardio bunny journey, I wouldn’t have completely understood the positive impact of strength training. I’m here to tell you, resistance training will change your body in the direction you want your body to change. If you’re not already doing resistance training regularly, what’s stopping you?


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