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The Top 7 Must-Have Products of January 2024

January favorites lineup! Here are a few of my favorite products.

Post Workout:

Whether you're new to exercising or an athlete, a crucial step to proper recovery is how you take care of yourself AFTER the workout.

January Reads:

Did you make a resolution to read more this year? So did I. Here are my favorite health and wellness picks for January. ***Disclaimer: Shameless plug for my own book included.

  • How to Eat, David Katz. There’s a lot of conflicting information when it comes to nutrition and weight loss but Dr. Katz has addressed many myths in this book.

  • Forever Strong, Gabrielle Lyon. Dr. Lyon dicusses the benefits of strength training and why it's important to build muscle. Well written and science based. If you're working on getting stronger, this is an excellent resource to help support you on your journey.

  • Dieting Reinvented, Natalya Vasquez. If you’re working with me, follow my work, or are planning to work with me, you should read this to get an understanding of my dieting philosophy.  

Snackity Snacks

While I'm a big advocate of getting enough water, I also love my coffee and bubbles.

  • Nutpods hazelnut sugar free creamer. If you love traditional creamers but hate the additives, try this alternative with no sweetener or sugar.   

  • Spindrift is a delicious all natural bubbly beverage with no added sugar or sweeteners. Yes please!

Is there a category you’d like additional recommendations in? Let me know! Email me at

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