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Why Starting and Stopping is Harming Your Progress.

Your body isn’t changing because you keep starting and stopping either the same program or different programs.

You’re not being consistent. You’re not allowing change to happen. You’re quitting on yourself. You’re telling yourself it’s not working (when in reality, YOU stopped working the program).

Think of your bank account. Let’s say you had a goal of saving $1,000 for a vacation. Every week you save $50, and by the end of 8 weeks you’ve saved $400. On week 9, you decided that this saving plan isn’t working fast enough so what's the point and you decide to blow the $400 on dinner and a Target shopping spree. Now you’re back at zero. If you kept going, at week ten you would have been halfway there, but you decided to give up, and now you have to start over.

See what I’m getting at? The trick to feeling better in your body is to keep doing the things that make your body feel good (movement + nutrition). Feed it Doritos and soda and you’ll look like Doritos and soda. Feed it colorful veggies and protein and you’ll look vibrant. Tired? Go and move. Dance. Walk. Lift weights. Play with your kids or dog outdoors.

You were not made to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours and then Netflix and chill.

You’re not a potato.

Go live your life outside of screens.


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