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Holiday Gift Guide Fitness Edition

If you’re anything like me, some of your favorite gifts to receive are fitness related. I love trying new gadgets and products and in turn gifting them to friends and clients. If you’re looking for a gift for a fitness fanatic in your life or simply want to treat yourself, check out my holiday gift guide below.

  1. Ascent Protein Powder. This protein powder has minimal ingredients and uses high quality whey and stevia as a sweetener. Other brands oftentimes use fillers and sucralose which may result in bloat or gas.

  2. Resistance bands with handles. These resistance bands are extremely versatile and can replicate a lot of exercises you’d do in a gym, all in the comfort of your own home. These bands mimic a cable machine and will add variety to your dumbbell routine. They come with five different weighted bands so you can slowly progress your strength over time without spending tons of money on more equipment. What I love most about these bands is that you can travel with them and continue to get your strength training workouts in. You can use these bands at home or outside, so there really are little to no excuses when it comes to staying on track.

  3. Lower body bands Much like the resistance bands above, these bands are portable and powerful. If you train with me, you know that putting on this band during our session elevates the difficulty immensely. These are perfect for use at home, the gym, or while traveling.

  4. Adjustable home workout bench If your primary workout area is at home and you have minimal room, I highly recommend this foldable workout bench. While you can perform exercises on the floor, a bench will allow you to perform more variations of exercises and target muscle groups in new ways.

  5. Body Weight Scale There are a lot of scales on the market. What I like about this scale is that it connects to an app and instantly uploads your data so you can keep track of your progress with visual graphs and other biometric factors.

  6. Tripod for virtual sessions As much as I love my clients set-up creativity during virtual sessions, this tripod will allow me to see you and your form better during virtual sessions without you awkwardly balancing the phone on the floor or a book.

  7. Women’s Health Magazine subscription I’m on my phone for hours everyday. Sometimes it’s nice to break away and look at a print magazine. I've been subscribed to this magazine for years!

If you have a favorite fitness product, send me an email at I love testing and recommending great products.

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