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Recognizing Your Own B.S.

As a personal trainer, the number one excuse I hear for not being active is “I don’t have time.” Jobs, children, household responsibilities, long commutes, and other priorities compose the majority of an individual’s waking hours, leaving little to no time or energy to be physically active.

The thing about an excuse is that it’s just that: a reason you’re giving yourself that you, and only you, hope will validate your inaction toward a goal. Let your own facial expression be a reminder of this next time a friend, spouse or coworker lets you down.

How do others achieve their goals? It’s certainly not more time in a day. It’s also likely that their coffee isn’t that much different than yours. And as for struggles, we all have them. We all face challenges in one form or another and just because they aren’t publicized, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

If there is something you want in life, whether it’s a toned body, a satisfying career, or a healthy relationship, you make time and take the necessary steps to bring those goals to fruition. You prioritize your to do list by what you feel is important and make sacrifices if necessary. That’s right, it might mean less of that “beauty” sleep.

I used to envy those around me that seemed to have opportunities handed to them. Then I realized that I’ve had the experience of trying, failing, and getting back up.

Everything I’ve achieved and failed at has been a result of my own efforts or lack thereof, and this has made me resilient. So when I hear, “I don’t have time or the resources to make it happen,” I say, if it’s important to you, you’ll make time and find a way. If anything is worth having, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

If you choose to be complacent, then this decision is yours to own. If you choose to settle for a life that’s less than what you believe you deserve, then you must live with that decision.

We are given one life. How each of us chooses to live that life is entirely up to us. We can make excuses for ourselves. We can allow life’s challenges to defeat us. Or we can use each hurdle as a learning experience, as difficult as it may be to get back up, and prevail. So recognize your own b.s. and decide, is it worth having, and if it is, how do I make it happen?


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