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Life changing pants? Nope, just your memories.

This is the second time I’ve worn these joggers since having our daughter. She’s 19 months now. When I put these on, I remember that these were the pants I wore when I was admitted to the hospital to deliver our daughter.

I was not prepared. We were not prepared. Within an hour of arriving, we found out that my water broke and that I’d be induced. The next day we held our daughter in our arms.

Clothing can bring back a lot of memories. Maybe that’s why we hold on so fiercely to certain items in our closet. As I think about the new year and the continuous desire to declutter, I think about all of the items in my closet. I think about the dozens of button down shirts and pencil skirts that I wore for a decade when I was an analyst, that are still hanging…”just in case.” I think about the dozens of heels that haven’t hit the San Diego pavement in years. I think about my wedding dress that I said I’d get cleaned over two years ago. One thing I don’t think about? The clothes that don’t fit me. I don’t think about them because they don’t rent space in my closet anymore.

Some moons cycles ago, I decided that looking at clothing that wasn’t being worn was doing me a disservice. If keeping certain pieces of clothing was a reminder to hurry up and get into a smaller body, then why wasn’t I in that body already? The truth is, being in a smaller sized body isn’t a priority right now. The truth is also that when I was in that smaller sized body my lifestyle was different. I was eating less, working out more, stressed about my then relationship and job. I wasn’t any more healthy because I was in a smaller body. Size is not a representation of physical or mental health. So I got rid of those clothes and kept the clothes that make me feel good.

If my body changes, I can shop for new clothes. Clothes should make you feel good. They should fit well. You shouldn’t have to constantly tug and pull and cover yourself with oversized sweaters because you don’t feel confident in your clothes or body. So if this message resonates with you, set some time to declutter your closet. Donate the items that no longer bring you joy (think Marie Kondo’s method, does the item spark joy when you pick it up?), and move on with your life. Stop looking back at those clothes and memories of who you used to be. You’ve evolved. Your body may have to.


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